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Working Together

I will custom create a narrative true to your brand.

The goal is to get beneath, to attract the clients that resonate with you most and show you courageously in all of your colour. The word ‘courage’ is intrinsically woven into my work; it isn’t about being brave or bold in what

For me it all starts with building a relationship together and establishing trust. I need to get to know you in order to represent you, to dig deep and find an authentic voice that showcases your truth, your story and what sets you apart.

we say, it's about the origin of the word and all that it embodies: to tell your story with all of your heart. To speak honestly about who you are and show yourself authentically is the way to win not just more work, but the right work.

I specialise in luxury, fashion, tourism, lifestyle & wedding markets.

I can turn my pen to pretty much any topic as long as I love what you do and feel I can represent you authentically.

Work one-to-one with me personally spending time on your business strategically. In-depth and impactful coaching for creatives.

Courageous Coaching

From downloadable e-books to in-depth courses, I offer a range of resources for creative businesses.


My most tailored option writing for you personally. I can create exclusive content for your website, brochure, social media and more.

Custom Content

Working Together


The Full Brand Experience

So many clients ask me for recommendations so I decided to put together an offering for businesses looking to rebrand. The full brand experience includes a choice of designers from my handful of highly recommended partners. Each with a different style and process, yet all offering a personal approach and with experience of partnering with me, I can assure you that together we will create a brand that you can be proud of.


Don’t take my word for it – take theirs. Here is what other clients had to say about working with me.




“Working with Jess was a joy, as well as an unexpectedly insightful and emotional journey from start to finish - not only did she take the time to really get to know me and my brand, she then crafted the perfect words that really were the finishing touch. I couldn't have had a better wordsmith to make it all happen.”


“When I saw Jess' website and her writing, I knew I had found the copywriter I wanted to work with. She's very intuitive and I loved the way she took the time to get to know me so that she could write in MY voice; not someone else's. I had the best, eye-opening experience working with her.I feel like I not only walked away with a beautifully written sales page but also a better understanding of what I'm here to offer my audience.”

Dwell in Magic

- Donna baldwin

“The way Jess writes, honestly and to the point and with such professionalism, resonates with how I feel about my industry and myself; I knew I wanted to work with her. You know exactly from the moment you start working with Jess she will deliver you exactly what you want, even when you probably don’t know what you want.  I am glad I put my trust in Jess and what she stands for, I feel confident she has expressed me and my brand in the way I would if I had her brilliant skills.”



“If you want to work with someone who is brutally honest, has a spirited work ethic and genuine love of what she does, Jess is definitely the girl for you! If you are ready to bare both your business and personal soul, face your vulnerabilities, find honesty, and authenticity in your brand, The Soul Sessions are for you. I now have a brand voice, marketing plan and a business that I am proud of.”


- Holly Young Millinery 

“I’ve been wanting to work with Jess for a number of years and when I finally did, she didn’t disappoint! In fact, she exceeded my expectations. Jess understands me as a person and doesn’t prescribe cookie cutter solutions. Her creative way with words and enthusiasm is so uplifting and I feel my business and brand have benefited from a real boost … a wave of Jess’ magic wand!”


“I came away from my day with Jess feeling like I had been through a day of therapy for my business. She has helped me to begin to create the kind of business that is authentically me and which will appeal to the type of clients that I will enjoy doing business with. She understood me and wasn’t afraid to call me out if I was talking (or thinking) nonsense. I can’t recommend Jess enough, she has turned my mixed up words into poetry.”

- Sian Cornish

"The Soul Sessions have Soul in them for a reason. Not only did Jess encourage me to strip back the layers of my business, but also to reveal my soul, my true desires and goals both in work and in life. After the meticulous unraveling came the re-building, putting together the pieces of my brand. I am left with a stronger brand after The Soul Sessions, a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer route to growing my brand and myself in an authentic and truthful way.”

Lancaster & Cornish

- Lauren Challis

“Working with Jess has been one of the best investments I have made, not only for my business, but for my soul. FACT. Jess is totally bitchin. She has this intuitive magic about her, sublimely crafting your voice into her work in such a way that she says it better than you ever could yourself! And, I’m in awe of her drive and focus, and efficiency of her work.”

Concept Flowers

- Carla Towill

“Finding Jess was the best thing to happen to my business and also myself. She has this incredible ability to see the whole picture, the details, the vibes, the everything. She got to know me inside out in a short amount of time and has been able to put that on paper. Her work literally blows my mind, I could never even envisage what she has created. Jess came into my life just at the right time, more than just content, she helped me craft and develop a new brand."

The Unbridled 

- Jo Clement

“Working with you has been the best money I’ve spent in my business.”

Enchanted Brides Photography

- Daniela Ferri

"I knew as soon as I spoke to Jess during our consultation that she would produce something beautiful and authentic. What you get is more than a copywriter.  The whole process with Jess has helped me to clarify and articulate my brand; what makes me unique.  Initially I thought it was a lot of money.  After all it's "just" words right?  But I can honestly say that it's the best business investment I've made to date and hands down worth every penny."



"My husband and I hired Jess to write the copy for our website and a script for our promo film. The way she connects with your brand is truly amazing and a rare talent. We were blown away with her knowledge and creativity in writing and how quick she worked. It was 100% worth the money, so we could invest our time in the things that we’re passionate about. She has given us the gift of brand confidence and we couldn’t be more excited."



Courageous Content for Authentic Brands

Get in touch to discuss your project today. From a simple tagline to the full-blown brand experience.