The Feral Writer’s non-course course to achieving authentic copy

I created Audacity to put together an accessible programme for creating courageous content for authentic and artisan brands. It’s not just about converting your customer, it's about

Delivered in my signature conversational tone, as if I were sat with you sharing my thoughts, it’s not a how-to or a three-step approach to winning work. Instead, it will make you question your values, your voice and your message. It’s about depth and meaning and is about personality more than professionalism.

Above all, it’s about creativity, being unconventional and showing yourself in all of your colour. It’s for those who have the courage to tell their truth.

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writing wording that is true to your brand and distils the essence of who you are, portraying your passion and providing a creative copywriting course at an achievable price point.

Do you have the audacity to be the authentic you?