30 days   |   30 tasks   |   £30

That’s six weeks of working on your brand every day, even just for a few minutes with access to an experienced (whip cracking, ass kicking) copywriter and business coach to make sure you’re on track.

Please note Class Copy runs every six weeks, starting from Monday 1st June so when you pay for this you’ll automatically be added to the next class due to commence. Although it’s called Class Copy, it’s a virtual class – you won’ t be working alongside anybody else, you’ll receive a short video each day and can do the exercises at your own pace.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a word for your brand or if you’ve had your entire website professionally written, these assignments are designed to be relevant to pretty much everybody with a business.

These 30 days are designed to tackle “crack copy” – the bits that fall between the cracks and get forgotten and ignored yet make the biggest difference. You won’t be writing your website in these 30 days, we’ll be looking at tips and exercises to support that instead.

Class Copy is about taking small steps to improve your voice.

Easy to implement actions at an accessible price.

This mini-course includes a short video and a task every day for 30 days (Mon-Fri) as well as a follow up each week for a side order of accountability.

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Affordable, accessible, impactful.

Why is it £30? I wanted to keep it affordable and accessible to everyone. I don’t know if I will be able to keep it at this price but for the first few rounds I definitely will. You’ll receive over an hour of video content (spread over 30 days) plus six check in messages from me to see how you’re getting on, all for just £1 a day.