Convert your customer through your content

I’ve personally worked with entrepreneurs all over the world to help them with this very topic, putting a plan in place to increase their enquiries and conversion, resulting for many service businesses in £5,000+ per month of converted customer enquiries alongside a waitlist to work with them.

This e-book is simple but impactful, broken down into 20 top tips that have worked for clients worldwide to improve conversion and position their business for their ideal customer.

One of the questions I get asked most is “how do I convert my customer?” or “how can I increase enquiries” so I created a digital book that would provide some quick and easy tips to transform conversion for creative businesses.

Converted is an e-book designed to be easy to read and to make the topic of conversion accessible to everyone.

Learn my techniques and transform your client enquiries with a copy of my signature suggestions.  

Converted is not about improving your following, it’s about creating content to increase conversion.

• 20 practical yet impactful exercises to improve your conversion
• Easy to read and implement
• Affordable access to tried and tested knowledge

This is Converted