A Life of Meaning & Magic

It’s a day-to-day practice made up of little actions with trust at the centre. When I looked around me I realised most manifestation books were either so cryptic that you didn’t really know what they were talking about or written by multi-millionaires who normal people just can’t relate to.

Manifestation changed my life.

The law of attraction is actually a very simple law, you just need to learn the language. Pretty much everything you see in my life is because of my manifestation practice. My dream home, my husband, my career, my clothing, my finances – the law of attraction has graced every area of my life.

Learn my techniques and transform your life with a copy of my manifestation guide.  


Let’s make magic.
This is Manifested…

You don’t need to be woo or witchy or lie naked under a full moon. It’s accessible, authentic and about manifesting for the everyday. This book is for you if you want to consciously attract more – more money, more confidence, more beauty, more joy. It’s about attracting what you ask for and changing your reality.

I have been advising friends and clients on manifestation for over a decade, helping them to hone their vision and bring it to fruition. I’ve learned to work with energy and lunar cycles, to change how I think and to be supported by the universe.

I wanted to create a simple practical book for the everyday person to show them that manifestation is a simple series of exercises and a shift in the way you think. It’s not about making millions, it’s about defining your dreams and then allowing them to happen, stepping into the stream of abundance and letting it wash over you.

Because trust me, I changed mine. This book is not a rags to riches story or about six figure success, it’s small everyday success – soul success. Here you will find 21 mini chapters on how to change your life through manifestation. These exercises have worked wonders for everyone I have shared them with and it would be my honour for them to help you.

If you are open and ready to embrace what lies within, you’ll find it’s actually effortless to attract your dream life. And to look back and to be in awe of what you’ve achieved and who you are.

I know I am. And this book is my passion project, something I want to share to show that anybody can work with the law of attraction. Anybody can change their mindset and learn to manifest. It is never to late to start or too early to begin.