Scribe Sessions



I am a massive advocate of showing up every single day to create some scribe time for myself. I often offer journaling coaching as part of my Soul Sessions or Seaside Sessions coaching but I am aware that not everybody is able to invest in a coaching experience. Yet I feel passionately that journaling should be available to everybody, at whatever stage of life or business they are at.

I have had a regular journaling practice for over 10 years and during this time I have found it to help me emotionally, mentally and creatively. Some of my best business decisions have come from journaling and some of my most personal life decisions unfolded in the pages of my journal before I even realised consciously.

That’s why I created The Scribe Sessions, so that a journaling practice could be accessible to everybody. One of the primary problems I see when it comes to journaling is maintaining momentum and turning an initial excitement into a sustainable practice. This is why I’ve created a 30-day practice, to get you into the rhythm of showing up every single day and taking some time for your thoughts.

This isn’t a commercial course like my others – it’s for everybody, regardless of whether you own a business. This is about introspection, reconnection and celebration – cherishing time alone to go within and create a sanctuary for yourself.

Each of these exercises is designed to get you to connect with yourself and enhance your creativity. 

Each day has a prompt. These prompts are designed to be quite soulful and introspective so there’s no kind of “favourite food” surface level type questions.

Some of them may seem a little strange but just trust the practice and show up to scribe, even when it feels difficult.

I do hope you enjoy these sessions, I would love to hear how you get on.



The Scribe Sessions

30 day  EMAIL COURSE | £15