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What will good copy do for you

November 1, 2016

“So anyone can write, right? I can probably write the website myself…”

The number one nemesis of the copywriter: the corner-cutting customer. Don’t get me wrong, the customer doesn’t really know they need a professional copywriter so they’re often not making these decisions based on cost or a lack of respect for the craft, they just don’t understand that a good copywriter will highlight their benefits and draw attention to their best bits, like a really good tailored jacket versus a high street one. Both might look quite good and you probably don’t think the high street one has any problems until you see it next to the professionally tailor-made jacket…suddenly your waist looks slimmer, your breasts perkier and your complexion glows… That is the secret of good copy. We get your good side.

What will good copy do for you?


Portray Professionalism

It will make you appear professional – like you know your stuff and you mean business. “But I don’t need you to make me look that way, I AM professional already!” – that doesn’t mean you sound it, you could be the best in the business but unless you have an equally good tone tailor by your side, you could come across as kinda average


Convey your Spark

What sets you apart? What makes you special? Different? Superior? A good copywriter will extract this and get it across to the reader in record time. A great copywriter will be able to dig deep enough to work it out without asking you to tell them what makes you special. An experienced copywriter will know what you tell them might not be very unique or special at all but that if they dig enough they’ll find gold…we usually do.


Be Authentic

A good copywriter will sound authentic to your voice. I have a personal discussion with my clients either face to face or via Skype to give me an idea for their style, their story and even their own words. I will often use their language but just polish it and make it more creative and captivating, still maintaining what makes them “them” so that the voice is authentic at all times.


Convert Convert Convert

Not only will good content bring you leads, it can also be a great conversion tool! So many businesses use copy to get the lead in the first place (eg social media or website copy) but then don’t nurture that contact with the content that got them interested in the first place – blog posts, email marketing, e-books, courses, sales letters, direct mail… it’s a long game so you have to cover the content at each stage of your sales funnel and not just as a pretty piece of bait!


Retain your clients

Good copy will encourage your clients to build a relationship with you. With so many people telling the client they can save them money, change their lives, be the best, take the leap, make 5 figures, coach your way to success, you’re just one cliché away from drowning in the noise of “me-too”. Once you’ve finally got them, it’s important to keep them and the best way to do this is to impress them – keep your content regular, authentic and of value to your target customer and you’ll keep them engaged.


Be a friend for life

Most of all, a good copywriter will become a speed-dial staple. They’ll make you look good, sound better and will be there in your time of need, from a last minute email you urgently require putting together to a strategic tone of voice plan. Just like your tailor, they’ll have you succinctly styled in public and will be waiting in the wings should you need a dry clean.


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