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Shout Out to the Wild Women

March 8, 2017

It’s International Women’s Day so what better day to shout out to all of the wild women in the world? I’m very privileged to have partnered with all of these women in the past 12 months for one reason or another and each of them has a sense of magic, of pure strength, of beautiful rawness and a tangible depth. What is a wild woman? She’s unconfined, she knows her own mind, she follows her heart and she’s utterly authentic.  She’s not afraid to show herself in all of her imperfect splendour, she doesn’t conform and act pretty or nice, she’s a go getter not a “good girl”, she’s courageous, powerful and sometimes a little bit feral.  But above all, she’s genuine, generous, kind and wholehearted. She believes in sisterhood. In women encouraging other women to rise, I am proud to know her, each and every one:

Alex Wedlock

Alex is business coach and psychotherapist.  She is my speed-dial and is seriously up there with the most awe-inspiring women I know. I think I can go as far as to say if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be the woman I am today #IfCarlsbergMadeMothers

Belinda Love Lee

Belinda is proof that you can be wild and creative yet still be gentle. A soft soul and a rare talent hides a woman who follows her heart

Lou Ord

Lou is a florist with soul running through every stem. Her industry may be pretty pretty but this one is raw and utterly real.

Lelia Marie 

A photographer I had the privilege of working with this year, Lelia is as authentic as it gets. Depth personified, she has it all going on!

Ravyn Stadick

Ravyn designed this very website. She’s fun, kind hearted and a wonderful Mama to her fiercely independent (obviously) daughter.

Jo Clement

Jo is so wild I think she may be a mermaid, her creativity feels almost ethereal. She has such talent and power that she’s only just beginning to tap into, a force to be reckoned with!

Caroline Alexander

Disclaimer: Caroline is one of my closest friends but I’ve included her because not only has she worked for me this year (taking some images) but I had the privilege of writing for her. She’s everything: witty, edgy, honest, strong minded, she is to blame for my phone bill!

Lucy Chenoweth 

One of my favourite clients and an inspirational woman in business, Lucy heads up Bloody Mary Metal. She is wild to the core and a total one-off. A complete inspiration and courageous creative, she always follows her heart.

Carey Smith

Disclaimer: another friend, my oldest in fact. I had the chance to write for Carey this year also (what a year!) Carey is the Yin to my Yang, a softer, gentler person. Where I rage strong she tempers me. A peacemaker, homemaker and also excellent baker, she has been on this list for over 20 years and will be on it for the next 20 too!

Emily Boriosi

One of the most successful business women I know, Emily is unassuming and understated. 100% true to who she is, she never acts to be something she’s not. She is an inspiration, not just in her role running a long standing family owned cottage company but also in who she is. Awesome mother, dog lover and completely eccentric and wholehearted…. that’s Emily.


So hard to only mention ten (but otherwise I’ll be here all night). Here is to strong wild women (and raising strong, wild daughters), I hope you continue to enrich my life.

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