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Introducing… The Soul Sessions

July 7, 2017

I am so excited to be launching The Soul Sessions today. After a long time dreaming, planning and crafting it. I’ve been asked repeatedly if I will offer a coaching service and following the success of The Seaside Sessions I’m launching their big sister today – a three month one-to-one completely tailored coaching course for ambitious, authentic entrepreneurs who are ready to get courageous and show their colour.

I’ve been drawn to coaching for a long time. Over 5 years of experience working for others as a business coach and drawing upon these resources in my creative writing business, I find quite often my work involves some kind of coaching, basically getting deep into the person I’m writing for, finding out all of their strengths and their insecurities, soaking it in so I can embody their essence.


So much of my work is about drawing out of them who they are, their unique magic and getting my mind around their market. Years of doing this has lead to many hours getting to know others, coaching their creativity and helping them to step into their strength.


I realised how much I love this type of work. What I don’t love is the term or the concept of ‘coaching’.  Although so much of what I offer is coaching (helping clients attain their personal and professional goals with training, advice and guidance) I like to think of it as evoking – to awaken, arouse, kindle the fire within.  It’s so much more than just business hand-holding, this is deep seated soul stuff, the big questions, unearthing your purpose and pursuing your passions.

I attract a certain type of client. She’s normally creative, spirited, either working for herself or dreaming of that day.  She wants to define her own success, she believes in sisterhood, she’s a wild woman ready to step into her power.


I’m excited to be opening up a limited amount of spaces for one-to-one evoking with me over a 3-month period starting this September. Not a one size fits all itinerary, but a personalised plan that will help you achieve your goals, to define your vision and map out your values.  To enjoy less hustle and more life. It’s not about dressing it up, it’s about stripping it back; to find yourself and show yourself.


To find out more about partnering with me for one of these places get in touch with me on and receive all of the deets!

  1. Bryony says:

    Lovely Jess,
    I hope all is good with you and your are super excited about May and managing enough time to keep your feet up every now and again before then!
    I know you are booked up hugely in advance and that you might quite rightly be taking time out beyond that which you have booked to have time with gorgeous small people but I wondered if your calendar currently stretched into such a point where you might be offering soul sessions again and if so when this might be? The fact that I often return to your journal as a form of grounding and inspiration and always find a point of connection and a small voice which says – you would love this if you made the time! We are almost 5 years into our self employed journey and whilst challenging we love it and the choices it affords and I could really see your soul sessions drawing not only more from the businesses but also nourishing something I have always loved to do – but with very little finesse or discipline! I didn’t know when or if availability might work for you or even if it would work with my availability – our quieter time and therefore my “free-er” time is between November and March. It was a thought, but one which I felt I wanted to ask or I would kick myself for not doing so. Very warmest wishes to you and your growing family! Bryony

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