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15 (ish) of my Favourite About Pages

July 2, 2020

Can I start by saying choosing fifteen favourite About pages is nigh on impossible.  I mean, I managed to shortlist to 35 and that was stressful enough so I want to start by saying that this was an extremely hard call and I’ve tried to choose some different industries (I could do a top fifteen list of photographers alone!)  Why ish?  Well, because this is eventually going to be a top 15 list but some of my favourites are so hot off the press they aren’t actually live yet – I will be adding them and revising this blog as they go live so keep an eye out for those.

Can I just say how much I love writing About pages?  They are my favourite page on a website because they show a sense of story and personality, they go a bit deeper, I’m always dying to read about the person behind the company when I visit a website.  I’m usually let down with stories of professionalism, qualifications or another “I’ve been where you are” shallow story designed to connect but all too often falling flat.

When I write an About page I’m always looking for the angle, the thread, the difference, the distinction.  When I find it I know – then I can use that as the core of the content.  A feral About page shows authenticity with a touch of poetry, it has rhythm and romance with just a touch of something raw.  Each client is reflected exactly as I see them, based on hours of watching, learning, listening, stalking, mystery shopping – I get to know my clients better than they could ever believe.

Let’s unveil the fifteen (ish) favourites…

Enchanted Brides Photography

It was a few years ago that I wrote this About page but I receive emails from people every week asking if I can write something for them like I wrote for Jo.  There is only one Jo – this About page is the very essence of her.  Full of drama and instinctive passion, this page was designed to speak to her wild, barefooted couples, those who love adventure.

Holly Young Millinery

I adored writing this for Holly.  She had a beautiful About page before but it didn’t convey any element of her story.  I really connected to the inner child in Holly and wanted this to be central to the story.

Fancie Buns

Emma was a total joy to work with.  She has such a strong brand identity and a real understanding of how she wants to sound.  It is very tricky to combine luxury with fun when it comes to creating a voice – we pulled it off with panache (or should I say Ganache? ;-)) It’s worth visiting her website for the cake images alone.

Ferri Photography

I wrote for Daniela earlier this year and her About page actually made me cry (I probably shouldn’t say that about my own work – ha!)  But her story is really one that touched me and seeing it written down just brought it all home.  I felt connected to her so strongly listening to her story and I wanted her audience to feel the same – I love that we ended it with a bit of Maltese as a nod to her heritage.

Lauren Gilberthorpe Interiors

Lauren was a full service project – I worked with her on some coaching, a complete rebrand, full website content and brand guide. What I love about Lauren is that she is in an industry where everyone sounds the same and there was no personality, no authenticity, no heart and no intimacy.  We worked together to add intimacy and identity to interior design, I love that we incorporated her values into her About page.


I write for a lot of incredible florists, not featuring them all has been really difficult.  But what stayed with me with Prajna was the message of minimalism and the beauty of less (something I’m personally very passionate about).  I loved having such little space to speak yet knowing I had to convey these core messages of subtlety, simplicity, earthiness and elegance and make it engaging and effective.

The Unbridled

Carla was one of my favourite projects of last year.  A complete rebrand, we worked together on coaching, her website, a new name, a tagline and a brand brochure.  I loved how she was so untraditional and unorthodox – she was about the un-bride in the wedding industry.  Her About page gives me all of the feels.  Intense, emotional, soulful, intentional, unconventional (with a little Britpop woven in for good measure), a pleasure to work with such talent.

Little Kendal Cakery

Kelly came to me with quite a professional and distanced voice and it was obvious to me that she had previously had a very corporate career.  We took that and had fun with it on her About page, after all, these days she’s a little more Sugar Sugar and a little less Alan Sugar!  Fun, friendly and the kind of girl you want to be friends with, I fell in love with Kelly and her brand – simple, stylish and sumptuous, and the cakes look divine!

Preet Kalsi

I get asked to write for a lot of coaches but when Preet approached me it was clear that she was a bit different to other coaches.  What intrigued me was her story, one with depth and emotion, a real difference and tale to tell.  On our questionnaire call we actually ran out of time (unheard of) as there was just so much to say.  Her About page is really compelling, a true story of connection and courage.    

Chelsea House

My background is in hotels so it’s unbelievable that I’m only featuring one hospitality business in my favourite round-up.  And that is because, even though I’ve written for hospitality and tourism brands around the world, the brief is always kind of the same – luxury, elegance, five star, quality service – hotels are rarely brave enough to show any personality beneath their five star status – almost as if they worry that having fun might risk them a Rosette.  Sharon and Nigel were a breath of fresh (ocean) air.  Fun, full of personality and with music at the heart of who they are, they put the beat into B&B.  I worked for them at a time when I had a newborn baby and wasn’t taking new clients but as soon as I met them I decided to make an exception and I’m so glad I did.  If you’re looking to book a beachside break, you won’t find a warmer welcome than this.

We Are Origami

Yes ANOTHER photographer – I know, but there’s SO many good ones to share.  David is unique for a few reasons – firstly he’s male and I don’t actually get that many male clients – probably only one every month or two, secondly he’s a fine art photographer.  My clients are predominantly moody photographers (is there an official term for this? Ha!) His work was so beautiful, full of pastels and pinks and sunshine (he’s not in Britain as you may have guessed!)  I adored his About page – coming from a world of finance and moving into fine art, made him a joy to write about.  Father, photographer and with positivity infused into all that he does, he was fantastic to write for.

Jess Collins

It wouldn’t be a true set of favourites if I didn’t include my own.  I loved my About page (of course!)  You would imagine that a writer would write a good About page wouldn’t you?  But in all honesty, it was the first time in my life I just wrote what I wanted.  I didn’t say what I should or what my audience probably wanted to hear – I went completely off-piste and just showed myself authentically with a bit of poetry (which is how I write for fun).  After all, I’m the feral writer and I wanted to write from the heart.  My entire concept is about the brand that lies beneath – bringing out the REAL story rather than the sales pitch and so that is the message behind my About page.  And that’s the message behind all of the About pages that I write.

Only a small amount of About pages actually tell you the story beneath the story.  And that’s what I do differently.  I look for the grit beneath the gloss, the connection beneath the charisma.  Anyone can make a brand sound pretty but will they be remembered?  That’s what I always ask myself.  Will I remember you?  That’s where a good copywriter is worth their salt.  They show a sense of story.

That’s my favourite thing in the entire world, sifting for the gold, telling tales and finding the authentic story.

Don’t forget, there are three more favourites to come, due to be launched shortly, each of them amazing in their own unique way!

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