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Portfolio Pride

November 22, 2016

It’s so important when it comes to your portfolio that is positions you where you want to be. I really got to thinking about this when creating my new site. Over the past year I’ve worked on dozens of projects but although I’m proud of each piece of work I’ve completed, some of the clients and projects I’ve worked with are no longer the clients I want to attract.

That may be for many reasons; the topic isn’t one I’m truly passionate about, their expectations (from knowing and working with Agency Jess) are that I’m available 24/7 around the clock and can be reached day or night (see the anti-hustle post to find out what’s changed here) or simply the project type is one that I don’t relish – these examples were all left on the cutting room floor.

The thing is, you want your portfolio to attract new customers but they have to be the right customer so it’s important to show off the work that you want more of, the clients you want more of and the stuff that says “this is what I do, this is who I am” If I showed off all of my work it would be overwhelming and utterly random because my portfolio is so varied. Moving forwards, I have a clear client that I want to be attracting and so intend to keep my work portfolio page petite to match my boutique client roster.

So which projects made the grade? Not a whole lot actually. I decided if I was passionate about the work to the point where I would have loved it even without the money, those were the projects I was putting out there.

It’s me saying to the universe – “hey world, you got any more clients like Bloody Mary Metal? Got any cool projects like Knot? I’m game!” I don’t want average clients, I don’t want average look-the-bloody-same projects and I certainly don’t want clients who want to copy somebody else’s style, cut corners or not be willing to hold my hand and have a little courage.

I want projects that push the envelope, that are incredible, exciting and dynamic and I want clients who have balls. You hear me? BALLS. Clients that trust me, work with me and create content that is authentic and downright awesome.

And that’s why I only have three projects on my portfolio – soon to be four (talking about you, Belinda). And I’ve decided, even if I get loads of awe-inspiring exciting new projects for 2017 I don’t ever plan on having more than 6 work examples because a) the site aesthetic looks better with 6 and B) it doesn’t matter what client projects I showcase here anyway since what I will create for the prospective client looking at my portfolio will be utterly unique.

But this is my signal, my flare to the world that shows the sort of stuff I do and the kind of client I attract. So if an average Joe stumbles across my site everything will say “Joe… this girl’s allergic to average – show’s over” but if you are my type of client with the truth, the talent and the courage of a lion, then let’s talk and you never know, you might earn a rightful place in my portfolio pride.

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