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Introducing the Seaside Sessions

March 31, 2017

Back by popular demand, I’m introducing The Seaside Sessions. A few years ago I offered clients the chance to partner with me for micro projects or creative coaching.  Something for those that didn’t need website copy, brochures, magazines etc and those large staple projects.  Or perhaps had already worked with me on these things but wanted to maintain a relationship and dip in and out when needed.

This gives clients the chance to collaborate with me on projects such as choosing a company name, creating straplines, coming up with their blog plan and creative ideas for the year or some innovative suggestions for advertising campaigns, positioning and pricing (pretty much anything goes!)

What many clients used to use these sessions for was coaching. Talking about their marketing and their content, devising their prices, basically being accountable to someone who helped them with the big decisions (and the small consistent actions that kept them at the top of their game).

So I’m opening these sessions up again but on a limited basis. There will only be a handful of spaces available each month. The reason for the name? This work is sponsored by the sea. If I’m working solo creating content, I will be at the beach with my trusty notepad making it happen.  If we’re working together on it or it’s coaching related then that’s where we meet and get down to business – on the sand. I believe the sea air helps get beneath the brand.

So if you’re looking to create something this year – a strapline, a company name, a blog plan or an elevator pitch –  perhaps you’re after clarification of your values, of what your goals are and how to reach them, of how to pitch yourself and your offering, then book a session by the sea with me. After all, you’ll never reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re headed!  These sessions will encourage you to look at yourself, honestly, holistically and address who you are and what you want – finding your purpose and stepping into your power.

To find out more about The Seaside Sessions contact me on (please note, fully booked until late June)

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