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Reasons to Do Audacity

June 23, 2019

If you are looking to do a copywriting course that isn’t just about copywriting-by-numbers but asks questions and inspires writing that reflects your brand then look no further.  I created Audacity because I felt there was a calling for a course that conveys the essence of you, that is authentic and really resonates with your ideal client.  It’s an affordable, accessible alternative that will help you to speak from the heart of your brand and tell your true tale, all without a six figure sales spiel in sight.  Here are 10 reasons why you need Audacity in your arsenal.

  1. It will make you ask important questions about your brand and get to know yourself on a deeper level – defining your values and honing your key messages

2. It comes with a free blogging guide to give you some top tips for blogging for your brand

3. You can do the course at your own pace – stopping and starting when you choose.  You can work through it in small, manageable chunks or power through it in a weekend.  Perhaps you could do a module a week over a 12 week period to allow time to reflect on each module

4. It’s totally bullshit free.  No clichés, no scripts – this is exactly what I would say to you if we were talking face to face. 

5. It is technically a course but it doesn’t feel like a course.  What makes it a course is the worksheets and videos of me talking to the camera.  But it’s not a one size fits all glossy sales patter, it’s designed to guide you to ask yourself certain questions about your brand that will truly show who you are and what sets you apart to your customers

6. It’s a course for creating authentic content – not just winning a sale but developing a relationship with your client

7. It comes with a free soulful website copy guide which will tell you my top ten tips for a website that is true to you

8. Audacity is not just about website copy – it touches on social media, blogging/newsletters, naming, taglines… even your email address.  It is useful even if you have had your website professionally written.  If you so much as write an email to your clients it’s worth thinking about how you come across and what your voice says about your brand.  Let alone thinking about brand guides, invoicing, pitching, advertising and blog posts.  Your voice is a key component that makes up your brand and something you use every single day.

9. You receive lifetime access to Audacity with a one-time payment so once you have paid you can return to the course any time you choose or take as long as you like to work through it.

10. Finally, for those who wish to work one-to-one with me but either cannot afford that option or perhaps I don’t have the space soon enough, Audacity has an upgrade option where you receive a personal critique from me of your copy when you complete the course so you can receive the eye of the writer at a fraction of the price of commissioning bespoke content.

If you needed just one more reason to purchase Audacity it would be this – it’s on SALE until the end of June with 30% off bringing it to just £99 to celebrate the end of the first year of the course.  It’s never been reduced before and I don’t think it will be reduced again (or if it will it’s a long way off) so if you were ever considering buying it, now is the time even if you save it for a later date.

Find out more or purchase Audacity here.  There’s no special code to purchase, it’s reduced to the new price until the end of June. And in the meantime, here is what someone other than me said about Audacity because, you should never trust what a copywriter says 😉

“The Audacity course is excellent.  It includes so much knowledge about copywriting, what can make it good or bad and how I can learn to improve my own writing.  I have completed the course but the way Jess has put it together makes it easy to return and continue to improve.

Jess is also a different kind of teacher.  I learned from her how to begin to put things into words in a braver and more honest way.  Jess is deeply thoughtful and understands the true meanings of courage and authenticity.  If you truly go with it you can learn to write with more depth and meaning.”  Anna D’Souza

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