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So You Want to Be a Copywriter?

July 24, 2019

I’ve been devising a way to work with aspiring copywriters to mentor them to create a copywriting brand true to them.  I get asked a lot if I can work with copywriters to help them hone their brand offering so this is a way that I can do just that and create a great community for copywriters at the same time!

I’ve only mentioned it in a preliminary update on social media so far but already I’ve had a great response (and a lot of questions about it!) so I’m answering some of those most-asked questions here…

Who is it for?

The programme is for anyone who wants to offer a copywriting service.  You might be an aspiring copywriter or a freelance marketer.  Perhaps you already offer copy but would like to sharpen your skills.  Maybe you’re a designer who would like to offer in-house copywriting rather than always outsourcing.  Perhaps you run a social media consultancy and you would like advice on writing sexy copy for social media channels and adverts with allure?  This programme is appropriate.

If you want to take a course that will help you to write your own website and marketing materials and position your brand better then this is not the programme for you.  This is for people that want to offer copywriting professionally.  But if you check out Audacity, that’s my DIY copywriting course, perfect for creating content for your own brand.

When is it taking place?

This is to be confirmed but it’s looking likely to take place in October/early November.

How long will it run for?

It will be running for 6-8 weeks

Where is it taking place?

We work together remotely so there is no need to travel.  All you need is an internet connection, a notepad and a side order of enthusiasm.

What will be covered?

We will be covering all of the important elements of copywriting – finding your writing style, straplines, naming, Home pages, About pages, Services pages, tone of voice etc but we will also be focusing on your specific copywriting brand.  Finding your ideal client and how you show up for them, your offering, your key messages and how you set yourself apart.

As well as this we will be looking at your lifestyle and how to create a brand that will work with the life you want to design for yourself.  We’ll discuss whether you want to live a freelance life or create an agency and the pros and cons to both and we will discuss how success looks for you and how you can make that happen.

We will also be working on your personal time schedule, how and when you work best and creating a tailored work schedule that plays to your strengths.  Then we’ll look at your marketing strategy, how you get seen by your clients, how you market yourself, your creative offering and the importance of pitching your pricing and how to put a worth on your work.

Finally, we’ll be working together on a piece for your portfolio where you take an actual real life client and write their website copy and tagline with me on hand to coach and critique.  This means you will complete the programme, not only with a new skillset and insight into life as a copywriter but also, with a real example piece to showcase as copy that you have created for a client.

How many people will be participating in the programme?

I’m not definite at this stage but definitely no more than 20 and most likely a minimum of 10.  I will need to qualify each person to make sure that the programme is right for them eg they aren’t someone just wanting a website written but I would say 10-20.

Will I get to work with you personally?

Yes!  The way it works is that each week you’ll be sent an assignment and we’ll have a group call where I’ll be live speaking to you all (and answering questions).  Then you’ll be able to reach me in the group or via email on a daily basis.  I am purposefully keeping the group super petite so that I can tailor the content to what you need and your current skill level.  When we start I’ll be sending out a questionnaire to get to know you and I’ll be speaking with each of you personally before the course commences.  You’ll also have me on hand talking to you and working with you on your portfolio item (where we will also have a one-to-one Skype or phone call to discuss your case study client and your creative approach).

How much is it?

I’m going to be offering this at a discounted price because it’s the Beta version eg I’ll be testing the programme on the first group.  However, it will still be an investment and is something to seriously consider because I don’t want just anybody signing up for it, only those who are truly excited and willing to uplevel their brand by partnering together.  In saying that, the value you get will be well worth it and even just one website copywriting client will most likely pay for what you will be learning in this programme.  It’s also a wealth of information at a price that will never be offered again!  In answer to the question, the actual cost will be £850 and a payment plan will also be made available at no extra cost.

Have you ever done this before?

I have never run a programme like this.  I’ve been copywriting for 15 years with experience writing for clients all around the world in various sectors.  During that time I’ve worked freelance, been employed and created and managed my own agency.  I have experience of one-to-one coaching and mentorship for a variety of business schemes as well as offering personal coaching in my own company.  I’ve created a copywriting course, written about content marketing for The Guardian and created a family-friendly freelance life with all of the benefits so for this programme my aim is to preach what I practice.

Is there any aftercare once the programme completes?

Yes!  I will be offering a follow up call with all participants of the course afterwards and continuing the online community so that everyone can keep in touch and support one another.  It is important to me to create a strong creative community for copywriters.  Too often I hear tales of copywriters working solo or being unsupported in the industry and it’s important to me to create somewhere that copywriters can show up and share with one another – community over competition!

These are the main questions I’m being asked so I hope they’ve answered a few of the queries if you’re interested in the programme.  I’m currently gauging interest and finding out if there is a call for something like this in the copywriting world.  So if you like the sound of it and you would potentially be interested, do get in touch to find out the finer details at the next stage.

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