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"Creativity takes courage" - Henri Matisse

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2020: The Year of the Book

January 29, 2020

It has been my life dream to be an Author. I realise how incredibly lucky I am to be a writer in the first place – to be able to put my pen to people and brands from all around the world and create content, copy and complete identities – courageous content for authentic brands.

But it’s not enough. Deep inside me has always been a yearning, a knowing that one day I would need to write a book. The book that is burning inside of me to be told. And now it is time.

So even though I’m nervous about potential knock-backs, even though I know I probably don’t have an impressive platform or a perfectly polished pitch, I have passion and a pen and a clear purpose, coupled with a fierce inner drive to share my message with the world.

And so this is my commitment – to my book, to my belief, to my budding idea, I hope I can do it justice and create something soulful, something meaningful, something worth sharing. I know that I have to remember my own motto, that all I need to be is true. I’m not trying to impress anybody, I just want to find that right person who will connect with me, the one who knows instinctively that my fire is one she wants to dance around.

But it all starts with putting it out there, boldly and bravely with a sense of hope and an open heart. So I’m showing up today and saying “Hey Universe, I’m going to be an Author”

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