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My Favourite Books For Kids

March 5, 2020

Happy World Book Day! I decided today to write a little blog about my favourite books for kids, old and new so here are my top ten:

The Fox And The Star

I love this book, it was a gift for my daughter at Christmas and we read it pretty much daily. It’s all about a Fox who loses his Star and it’s the most gorgeous navy hardback book (serious shelf appeal!)

Charlotte’s Web

My favourite book as a little girl and still a solid favourite now, I can’t wait until the girls are a little older to enjoy this one. Wilbur is still probably my favourite character from any book.

Tyrannosaurus Drip

I literally adore this book. A twist on The Ugly Duckling, it’s all about a dinosaur who ends up in the wrong nest and how he finds his tribe. Everyone talks about The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson but in my opinion, this one is underrated!

The Girl Who Lost Her Name

A personalised book by Wonderbly, this book guides your son (they do a “boy who” version also) or daughter to go on an adventure and find their name. Lovely design and clever concept – never gets old in our house

The Little Big People Series: Emmeline Pankhurst

We have lots of these books but this is a personal favourite. I love when my daughter asks for it. She says “Mummy, tell me the story of The Suffragettes” Such a lovely little range of books

The Twits

I wanted to include at least six Roald Dahl books in this list but I restrained myself and kept to one (I would closely follow it with The Witches though if I had another place!) The Twits is an incredible book, different to anything else I have ever read. I remember reading this as a child, I think I finished it in a day – it has stayed with me ever since


This was a gift for us at Christmas and I seriously love it. A simple yet evocative book of a girl that needs to go back to where she belongs (the wild), this book is very me! I think I love it as much as the girls!

The Magic Faraway Tree

Classic. One of the main reasons I had children was to be able to read this all over again and enter the world of make-believe. Nobody ever does it like Enid.

The Lion Inside

A beautiful book with a really important message, The Lion Inside is all about confidence and how we all have a mouse and a lion inside – a lovely book to explain it to children

The Borrowers

Probably my favourite of all time, I would look forward to bed time as a child to look forward to a chapter of this. I’ve got a really nice copy ready for when the girls are a bit older and have visions of us snuggled up with hot chocolate reading all about the adventures of Pod, Homily and Arrietty (this is for my benefit as much as theirs!)

What are your favourite books for children? Would love to hear recommendations!

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