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My Corona Commandments

March 13, 2020

It’s easy to get stressed, to get carried away in the panic of this scary and unknown pandemic.  I have created my own Corona Commandments to help me remember what matters most in these uncertain times.

Stay Safe

The ultimate priority is to stay safe.  Wash hands, don’t touch faces, reduce physical contact, limit exposure to groups of people and just be sensible

Choose Calm

Panic is not our friend.  Not only that, it weakens the immune system making us more susceptible.  Activities such as yoga, meditation, reading, journaling, mindful colouring and speaking with friends will all help us to stay grounded and calm during the storm

Conscious Acceptance

I know that I can minimise risk but I cannot prevent this virus.  I surrender to the fact that I cannot stop what is happening but I can choose my reaction.  This virus will most likely touch all of our lives, whether directly or indirectly, all I can do is be prepared, embrace it and consciously accept it, staying safe but in surrender

Consume Calm

Now is the time for pruning who I follow on social media, for choosing to consume positive messages and those of strength and solidarity.  I will spend less time online and more time in life, consuming music and literature that fills me with positive energy

Release the Need to Control

Not only can I not control the Coronavirus, I cannot control other people.  I can’t make people stay safe or choose calm.  All I can do is step out of the anxiety and distance myself from the drama.  People have to come to their own conclusions and decisions and I accept that I have no control over that

Abolish Blame

I don’t want to blame anyone.  So many people on social media blaming the UK, Boris Johnson, China, Trump – blame is a way of trying to control the chaos, to assign responsibility to someone else.  But blame solves nothing, all it does is cause rising anger, resentment and anxiety at a time when we need to pull together

Care and Community

Community is so important right now.  Being there for family and for friends.  When you are strong, reach out to others and give what you have.  When you are weak, call on others, together we are stronger.  Keep safe but keep together

Keep it Kind

I’ve witnessed lots of unkindness in the past few days – from the man who started screaming at me with road rage to the friend who sniped at a well-meaning message, people are on edge and highly anxious.  Sometimes our stress results in turning on each other in our urgent need to vent and still have a voice when we are afraid.  Now is the time to channel that energy into kindness and ask who can I help today?  Together we thrive, together we survive

Nature is the Best Medicine

Get outdoors, get to the ocean, go swimming, whatever you need.  Give yourself space and remind yourself of the beauty in the world.  The leaves are changing, the light is changing, the seasons are shifting.  Nothing lasts forever, everything evolves.  Every day is one step closer to coming through the crisis and coming out the other side, keep moving and trust

Everyday Joy

Whether we isolate or shut down, keep going or stay still, remember to seek joy, even in the tough times.  Joy can be found planting flowers in the garden, watching a movie, reading a novel or enjoying a family game of Monopoly.  Even working from home with zero make-up, hair scraped back and and sitting in your pants on a Skype call (just another day in the office here to be fair), see the joy in the simple things and remember to smile, even just a little every day

Find the chink of light, even in the crisis and keep as positive as possible.  It is not only about not infecting people with the virus but about not spreading negativity and panic.  Keep safe but surrender, positivity brings strength

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