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Imperfect Tense: Imperfection Creates Connection

August 11, 2020

I’m passionate about imperfection.  Because imperfection is synonymous with authenticity.  I don’t mean imperfection as in spelling errors and mistakes, I mean imperfection as in showing more grit and less gloss.

Imagine your brand as a piece of wood – it can be polished and sanded, immaculate and varnished or it can have texture and knots, original marks and interest – it is unique.  Sure, the perfect one looks beautiful and would be the ideal choice for a show home.  But real homes need character and texture. 

When you walk into a show home you remove your shoes, you walk around not wanting to touch anything and as you look you start to realise certain things – mirrors have been strategically placed to reflect light and make things appear larger and brighter, beds are smaller than standard sized, so you don’t really see the size of the room because the dimensions have been altered by clever use of made-to-order furniture.  Designers have been brought in to make everything look incredible and to create desire so that you fall in love with this home.

Brands are the same – expert design with colours and fonts, light is shone on the areas of highlight, everything is perfect and beautiful at every turn.  But where is the sense of personality, of authenticity.  Who wants a show home?  What is your real home like?  The warmth and the character, the personal touches.  How do you live and how does your home reflect this?

This is how your brand should feel.  This is why so many brands seem the same now – the same colours and fonts, the same wording and layouts – sure, they’re super pretty but where is the personality?  Where is the reality?  Where is the person behind the brand?  I’m not saying let it all hang out and not to put your best foot forward.  I’m saying don’t follow a formula, don’t prioritise pretty and perfect, pouring glitter on top of gloss.  Have the courage to show yourself – your flaws add character and most importantly, your imperfection creates connection.

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