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10 Ways You Can Create An Attention Grabbing Headline

August 17, 2020

Your headline is one of the most important things you’ll ever write.  Whether it’s for your email newsletter or your blog post, the important bit is always to get that click from your potential customer.  If you’re writing an email newsletter this headline will determine whether or not your email even gets seen by your customer.  And if you’re writing a blog post then that headline will make the difference to whether you’re found in the first place, whether your reader reads the entire post and ultimately, whether they become a loyal fan (and subsequent customer) or whether they click away from your website and walk in the other direction.

Your headline is essentially your front entrance and people will only walk into your home if it looks appealing in the first place.  It’s like kerb appeal but for copywriting – word appeal.

Here are my ten tips for creating an attention-grabbing headline that has impact and unlocks the front door.

Make it Relevant

Sounds simple but you would be surprised.  Make sure your headline relates to what is inside the email or blog post.  Don’t try to get that click by twisting the truth because in winning the click you could lose the customer.

Keep it Short and Punchy

Make your headline punchy and to the point, let’s not explain something in ten words that could be said in five.  Short is strong

Make it Clickable

Make me want to click.  Obvious, right?  Check out the difference here:

Favourite Wedding Dresses on the Catwalk in 2020

The Wedding Dress That Changed 2020

See the difference?  Which one creates intrigue and makes you want to click?

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is king.  Don’t use fancy words or make it complicated, keep it clear and as straightforward as you can

Split Test

Try split testing or A/B testing as it’s known where you try different headlines to see which works best.  This is particularly effective in social media advertising, Pay Per Click advertising or email marketing where you can clearly compare and work out which headlines work best for your audience.

Do a Number On It

Research shows titles with numbers in make people more interested to open – like this one (just saying)

Address Your Reader

It also works well to address your reader with “you” or “your” – you know, like this one 😉

Analyse What Works

Make sure you learn from your content and look at what works and what could be improved

Consider Keywords

Definitely consider keywords as when it comes to blog content, the words people are searching for are how you’ll be found.  Also remember that “5 Top Wedding Venues” might get you more visitors but if you’re in Winchester, it’s wise to also consider that in your title – 5 Top Wedding Venues in Winchester” eg if you’re a photographer or cake creator in Winchester so that you’re not just driving traffic but targeted traffic (tangible leads)

But Consider Connection Above Everything Else

But don’t let keywords be the be-all and end-all.  You might need a key (word) to get into the door but if the house looks like crap you won’t even try your key in the lock!  Connecting with your customer is more important than just getting new visitors – keep the end goal in mind.

Make Your Headline Bold then Give Some Gold

Lastly, make your headline stand out and give them something inside – readers love ideas, tips, tricks, insights and secrets.  Share what you know and give away your gold with a title that tells them exactly what they’ll get.

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