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The Reasons You Aren’t Doing Contented

November 30, 2020

Instead of talking about the reasons you should do Contented, today I’m looking at the main reasons that people don’t join. See if any of these are familiar…


The worry is that you might not have enough money to do the course or that you aren’t currently earning to your normal capacity due to Covid. I can completely understand this and I know that money is tight but I also believe it’s worth considering the value as well as the investment. What will this course give you that is beneficial to your business? It will help you create better content that will be more likely to convert your customer. Yes, it’s an investment but in my opinion, it’s of high benefit for your business. If you are worried about money but you really want to take part please get in touch as I am able to offer payment plans.


Another issue is lack of time. Everyone is busy and there’s so much to do but I promise you, if you can find just one hour a day for 7 days, you’ll benefit so much in the next quarter, lining you up for a great start to the season. I’m not going to lie, the course is intense, it’s a powerful and impactful week but the work you do now is an investment in your future and will pay dividends. I promise it will be worth it.

Lack of Understanding of the Value

If you don’t understand the value of Contented then that’s my fault, not yours – it’s down to me to communicate it. Great content (not to be confused with lots of content) is about having a strategy behind what you say and focusing on the A’s:

ACHIEVE – knowing what you want to achieve

AUDIENCE – understanding your audience

ANALYSIS – understanding what works and how to apply this

The value of Contented is multi-faceted. Firstly, there’s the modules – each module is full of learning and insights for you to unlock. Secondly, there’s the planning – you’ll come out of the course with your own unique plan in place, thirdly there’s the access to me – you get to pick my brain about your content for 7 full days and finally there’s the community – this is my favourite bit. As the group is small, you’ll get to know one another on an intimate level (then you’ll move into the alumni group where you can meet other likeminded creatives who have done the course already). The community is ongoing so you have access to the group for support and accountability long after the course is completed.

Then last of all, I have to mention the unsung value of the bonus content. The bonus content will continue to be added to and swapped out so the earlier you join Contented the more bonus content you have access to (because it’s ever changing and alumni members get to access the new bonus content each time). The bonus for this round is a Facebook and Instagram advertising masterclass, with members of the group asking for the bonus content they want (alongside ongoing bonuses that I will be providing.

Too Busy Working IN Your Business, Rather Than ON Your Business

But the main reason I see for not doing a course like this – is a combination of all of it (lack of money, not understanding the value and not enough time) and that adds up to being too busy working IN your business rather than ON your business. You know what they say, a designer never designs their own brand and a chef never cooks their family dinner – people get so caught up working for their clients that they rarely take the time to step outside of their business and look at things strategically from an outside perspective.

So what I’m suggesting is that this year, you gift your business something special, because it’s been a tough year for everyone and it’s important to set yourself up for an incredible (and profitable) 2021. If one of these reasons resonates with you, get in touch and we can talk about it (no pressure) but do consider spending time re-connecting with your business and starting spring in style.

Find out more about Contented here…

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