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The Ten-Minute Key Message Maker

December 7, 2020

The reason you don’t know what to write is most likely because you aren’t sure of what you want to say.

So many businesses aren’t clear on their core messages – the things that are important for your audience to understand from the outset or what sets you apart. That’s why all of my courses start with this point – what does your customer need to know about you and what you do?

Here are some examples…

We travel/work anywhere in the world

We only capture 10 weddings each year

We are a family run business

We’ve been in business for 30 years

Our style is disruptive and edgy

Our products are handmade

We believe in authenticity

Our cosmetics are vegan

It doesn’t have to be all unique and different but it needs to give a flavour of what you’re about and what’s important to you. If you’ve got expertise or extensive experience, this should be communicated.


Today, take ten minutes to set a timer and write it all down (without pressure) just list all of the things you want your customers to know. If you do this on bits of paper or post it notes then you can look at it afterwards and club similar ones together, remove some and move them around to prioritise them until you’re left with 5. Ta-da! These are the key messages you need to communicate to your clients whenever you are writing.

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