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Why Journaling is So Incredible During the Festive Period

December 18, 2020

Christmas and the New Year is a time of quiet (well, unless you have 2 kids under 5 like I do) and mindfulness. It’s a time of pressing pause and stepping away from the workload that is universally appreciated.

Essentially, it’s the time we can be pretty sure that clients and customers will respect our family time and we can comfortably unplug from digital devices and slow down. That’s why this is the best time of year to create a journaling practice.

You aren’t competing with the inbox or the algorithm, you don’t need to get on top of things or answer to the many demands of customers as well as the full time job that is school admin (Christmas hat day today? Turns out I missed that one!).

What better time to curl up under a blanket, light a candle and scribble your thoughts and feelings. Often clients tell me they are a bit overwhelmed when it comes to journaling – what to say and where to start? But this is the magic of journaling. It’s for your eyes only. You can use it to write letters (to yourself or others), to come up with creative ideas, to write about your day or list the things that you are grateful for.

My journal is a place of creativity and calm but also chaos. It’s where I have my whirlwind ideas, where I express my joy and my grief, where I create poetry or free write for fun. Where I talk about the mundane day to day but also talk about my dreams. I use it for manifestation and moon cycles, for strategy and soulful conversations with myself – it’s my sanctuary and I treasure this time.

Journaling costs absolutely nothing. If you can, it helps to buy a really nice notebook – something that you love to pick up and write in. But other than that it’s just creating the time and space for yourself, I promise you – this could be the most powerful thing you do. If you are looking for some soulful prompts and help to reconnect with yourself, check out my 30 day email journaling course, The Scribe Sessions. It has been designed to make journaling accessible to everybody and to help you establish a personal journaling practice.

I currently have a competition on my Instagram page to win your choice of a luxury personalised journal, Happiness Planner or Wellness Planner along with access to my journaling course, The Scribe Sessions. I am going to be selecting 3 winners, follow me on Instagram @theferalwriter and enter on my grid for a chance to win. The winners will be chosen on Christmas Eve.

I hope you’ll take the opportunity this season to create a journaling practice of your own.

Happy Christmas everyone and see you in 2021.


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