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The Truth About Marketing

January 19, 2021

The other day I received an email and the subject line was “here is the info you asked me for”. It was a sales email about something I had never actually asked for so today I decided to put together a little blog post about this “technique” of using a line that makes it look like you are good chums replying to your customer and why people may think it’s a good tactic but it really isn’t in the long term. Here’s why….

I didn’t ask for that link. So the moment I open that email and see it’s a sales pitch they’ve lost my trust. And the number one starter lesson in marketing 101 is:




I don’t know, like or trust this brand. In fact, this is one of a few tactics I’ve witnessed in what I imagine is a rather poor taste marketing tactic to boost their sales.

But you know the number one thing that boosts sales? Sincerity.  No cheesy one liners, no rhetorical questions, no promise that it’s only them getting the special offer, no pretending you’re doing them a favour. All you need to do is be honest and give them good content.

When my little girl steals food from the kitchen top or whacks her sister so she can play with the coveted toy, I always tell her that I understand she does things she shouldn’t, and I know she isn’t perfect. But the most important thing is her honesty – that she doesn’t lie to me and we can work it out from a position of truth. Like the boy who cried wolf, right? If you lie consistently how will I know that I can believe you?

Well, it’s kind of the same when it comes to influencers and brands. If you lie to your customers they will find out and when they find out you will erode their trust. And their trust is worth way more than bums on seats for your courses. Many of my customers go on to buy 2 or 3, sometimes even all of my courses. Some go on to become copywriting and coaching clients as well. This is because I create a relationship with them. I care about their business, I care about keeping my credibility and I especially care about honesty and integrity.

I know that a customer is for life, not just for courses. And if I lie to them, I will lose them. It would be easy for me to put a headline to grab them by overpromising or compromising on my morals but you know what? It just isn’t worth it to me.

And the problem with lying is that if you do it enough you actually begin to believe your own bullshit. And that’s when things get really bad and you might as well kiss your credibility goodbye. So I’m here to say it is possible to run a successful business and still retain integrity and sincerity.

In conclusion, always tell the truth.

This is my number one marketing tip of all time.

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