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The Feral Writer Little Black Book of Designers

January 27, 2021

I can’t tell you how often I get asked if I can recommend a good designer. Maybe 5-6 times a week – every. single. week. So I decided to put together my little black book of designers I’ve worked with and loved.

There are many other designers that I love the work of but I’m only recommending ones in this blog post that I’ve personally worked with. I’m going to be adding to this blog (it’s a three part series) so today I’m only writing about 3 designers. Stay tuned weekly to read about the others.

Choosing a designer is personal. It’s about looking at their portfolio and getting a feel for what they do. I always recommend that clients shortlist to 2-3 and then have a chat with them to see if there’s chemistry. Each of the designers I’m going to be talking about and recommending are perfect for different projects – some have a softer style, some are a little bolder, each design studio has their own unique way of working and it’s about finding the right designer for your brand and for you personally.

Without further ado, bring in the designers!


It had to start with Ravyn. Ravyn is my designer and it was quite literally, love at first site. I find that Ravyn is very modern and understands the importance of texture and tone. My site is over 5 years old but the design has lasted me well and people comment on my design on a weekly basis. Lots of Ravyn’s clients are photographers, videographers and creative brands and when I worked with her I definitely brought a level of darkness that I had not seen her do before but she absolutely nailed it – bringing my shadow self brand to life and keeping it totally true to me. I can safely say she will be in my life forever.

One of my favourite brands we have worked on this year has been Wild Oak Films. I loved how she brought them to life with warm earthy tones that felt rooted in authenticity.

Check out Three Fifteen Design


Ryan is my designer in the rough. I have worked with him for around 13 years and he is a hidden talent. He doesn’t really promote himself, doesn’t shout about his work or show off his portfolio (he doesn’t even have a website!). Every single piece of his work comes from pure recommendation which tells you a lot. Quiet and understated, his magic comes into its own when working together one-to-one. 13 years ago I met with a bunch of designers and although I nearly hired one called Huw (the most handsome, ha!) I met Ryan and he just blew me away.

What he did differently was take a concept and turn it on its head – showing me how the perspective changes from a different angle. He has gone on to become one of my greatest friends in life and one of the peers I respect the most. Where he is introverted, I am extroverted, where I’m up front about my opinion, he holds back and observes and then calmly points out why I’m wrong. He is pretty much my phone a friend for all situations and I’m proud to have him by my side for many a strategy meeting.

One of my favourite brands we have worked on this year is Senara’s Sister Hypnotherapy. I was brought in to create a name with depth and emotion, full of meaning. Ryan had to create a logo that dug just as deep and had a clear message but also hidden connotations. He nailed it and it’s just perfect for Helen’s brand.

Check out Ryan Mcfarlane


This has been my first experience of working with Ryn Design and I was so impressed with their work. I always admire their soft logo designs, that feel pared back and natural, often botanical. They were the perfect choice for my skincare client Phoenix & Providence who create skincare from seaweed hand-harvested on the Isles of Scilly. The richness of colours just adds to the magic. I can’t wait to hopefully work with Ryn Design Co again in the future.

Check out Ryn Design Co


Last year was my first experience of working with Becky on incredible client rebrand for Erzulie – a luxury wedding cake company. I loved how Becky interpreted the vision and created little flourishes and nods to the heritage and sheer opulence of what Erzulie offers. The colour palette was particularly gorgeous. I hope to work with Becky again soon.

Check out Becky Lord


I have known Darren and Kelly for many years and think their work is very distinctive with so much attention to detail. A fellow Cornish company, they are lots of fun to work with and always bring new ideas to the table. I particularly liked working on a new skincare brand with them recently (to be revealed soon).

Check out Friends


Sophie landed in my life with impact. I had never heard of her and suddenly I became obsessed with her work overnight after partnering together on beautiful bridal brand, Amare. I absolutely love her work and she’s so down to earth and lovely, I can’t wait to work with her again.

Check out Sophie Jackson


I have to be honest that I’ve never officially worked with Steve from Studio in the Sticks on a client brand but I am lucky enough that Steve is my client and I’m currently writing for his design studio. I adore Studio in the Sticks, I feel their ethos and approach is different to every design studio I’ve ever worked with. They aren’t for everyone but that’s what makes them so magic.

Check out Studio in the Sticks


I have wanted to work with the girls from With Grace and Gold for so long, they have a particular aesthetic that I adore. Last year I had the opportunity to work alongside them for the rebrand of Janet Lin Photography and I loved to see their process unfold and the beautiful end project, a complete pleasure and I hope I get the opportunity to work with them again soon.

Check out With Grace and Gold


I’ve worked with Michaela twice in the past six months from Hnstly and really enjoyed the work that she has created. She helps conscious entrepreneurs build honest, passion-driven brands, creating beautiful, minimal designs that are distinctive yet elegant. I adore this festive favourite, All White Christmas. I hope to make it a hat trick and work with her in 2021.

Check out Hnstly


I’ve also had the opportunity to work alongside Michelle at Mishku Studio twice in 2020 and am really hoping for another chance to partner with her. She has to have the most thorough process I’ve ever seen, the work she puts into understanding her brands is another level. And her design is strategic and intuitive, artful and intentional, a joy to work with. I loved every second of working on We Are Origami together.

Check out Mishku Studio


I’ve known Anna for probably 5-6 years as you get to meet on the marketing circuit in a place like Cornwall, yet this has been my first experience of working alongside her. I find that she combines simplicity with strategy and also I feel she really cares about usability and understanding the customer journey. It was wonderful to work with her last year on the new website for The Parent Practice and I really hope I get another opportunity to partner together in 2021.

Check out By Rosanna

So there you have it… my ten (eleven as I couldn’t narrow down!) favourite designers I’ve worked with in the past year. Do check out their work and see if any resonate with you. A designer is a partner for life!

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