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Shout Out to the Feral Female Clients

March 7, 2021

It’s International Women’s Day! I thought I would take this opportunity to put together a blog post featuring 10 of my favourite feral female clients of all time. It was a tough time picking just 10 and there’s so many more I want to shout out but here’s 10 (it ended up being 11) wild women that I’m proud to have worked with or written for.

Each of these women is entrepreneurial, inspirational and has fire in her heart – what an honour to have worked alongside them

Helen at Senara’s Sister

What can I say? Nurturing, supportive, strong yet soft, compassionate and kind – Helen is phenomenal and the ultimate champion for helping other women to rise up.

Kelly at Friends

Bold, brilliant, fun, creative – Kelly is smart and sassy and the kind of client you want to crack open a bottle of wine with. Incredible, inside and out.

Jo at Enchanted Brides Photography

One of my favourite clients of all time – Jo is full of fire and a raw authenticity that is incredibly rare. She’s a dab hand with a camera too. One of the people I would most like to be stuck on a desert island with (if Carlsberg did sisters…)

Natasha at Dadimuqin

Natasha is so inspiring with a sense of understated softness and grace (perhaps from her background as a dancer). She has such vision and wants to change the world – inspirational in every way.

Ella at Phoenix and Providence

I love everything about Ella – her personality, her brand, her ethos, her energy… not to mention her idyllic life. Ella is a true entrepreneur and watching her build her brand and breathe life into it has been incredible to witness.

Beth at Elizabeth Terzza

Beth – the ultimate understated statement. Beth is proof that you can be introverted and gentle yet have the most sensational talent beneath the surface. Everything she touches is magic – a beautiful person and a strong woman with an incredible brand.

Kate Cullen

What can I say about Kate? Everybody knows who she is because her talent speaks more than this sentence will ever evoke. But in a nutshell – she’s a true visionary. She takes risks in her work and she follows her instinct and for that alone she has earned her place in this list. Inspiring, creative and entrepreneurial in equal measure.

Dagmar Spremberg

One of my favourite coaching clients of all time, I feel that Dagmar has so much wisdom and is the epitome of a wild woman. Where I think she is different to so many others in her industry is that she knows herself intimately and understands herself wholeheartedly – her presence is so incredibly powerful.

Siobhan at She Glows Again

I have worked with Shiv in many incarnations but I feel 2020 was the year she began to bloom. She is finally living her joy and stepping into what she is called to create. I adore her more than words can convey (and she is the only client to have ever bought me a birthday croissant!)

Ria Mishaal

It is madness to me that I have only known Ria for 12 weeks and yet I can tell you now that she is one of my favourite clients of all time. She’s so in tune with her emotions and so willing to have those courageous and candid conversations and to look at herself honestly and face who she is authentically. She’s so talented and her journey is quite something to witness – an inspiring woman indeed.

Carla at The Unbridled

I couldn’t create this list without including Carla. Carla who blew my mind from the moment I met her. All of that talent wrapped up in a brand that wasn’t deserving of it. Brushing off that diamond has been one of my favourite projects of all time and holding her to the sky so the light could stream through. Carla is the personification of talent – raw, emotive, intimate, authentic. I adore her and am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her for a short while.

There you have it – eleven of my favourite women. I would love to hear a woman that you’re inspired by – pop over to my Instagram and let me know there:

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