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My New Moon Ritual

May 11, 2021

I put this out on my Instagram stories and over 90% of people voted they would be interested in this so although, it’s a little bit off topic for content marketing, the moon is very much at the heart of what I do. I run my business around the lunar cycles and even time my launches around what’s happening in the sky.

There are lots of New Moon rituals available in books or online if you search but when I was starting out I found many were just a bit fussy and formulaic – they involved saying certain things or following a particular pattern. And like everything I do, I think your lunar practice is personal.

So by all means take my practice here but spend some time making it your own. It’s simple and easy to follow and you should see some pretty amazing results when you let Lady Luna into your life.

The first thing I do is set up my space. You don’t have to do anything specific but I try to light some candles, surround myself with the crystals that are calling to me, I have some scent (whether that’s oils burning or scented candles) and I make sure I’m somewhere uninterrupted. I also often have a picture of a Goddess I’m working with eg Durga and a few things that I love eg Mala beads, favourite blankets and I always bring my dogs ashes because I like him to be with me. It’s totally up to you what you bring or whether you bring anything at all. You could do it in silence, play music, sit on the floor (my preference) or at a table. The most important thing is to go somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

My New Moon ritual always follows the same rule of three:

1. Reflection

2. Relaxation

3. Intention

  1. I always start with reflection. This can take any form you like but for me it begins with journaling. I never plan what I’m going to write here eg I don’t follow any prompts etc, I just write about the cycle we’ve just been through, anything that has happened and how it’s changed things or affected me. I write about my future wishes, what I want for this New Moon – I just write what comes to heart. Sometimes it’s straightforward, sometimes it’s poetry, sometimes it’s in the form of a letter to the universe or to a particular Goddess I’m calling upon – or even to myself. Other forms of reflection include meditation or gratitude practice which is really powerful – writing a list of things you’re thankful for. This is very simple but it puts you into a state of receiving. If you want to take it one step further, you can find out where the New Moon is in your chart (this will tell you which area of your life each moon will be impacting as each one offers something unique).

2. Relaxation is a massive part of this for me yet not many people seem to talk about it. For me to be in a state of intuition and receiving I need to be calm, open and receptive. This means 100% no social media, no phones on, no distractions. Do whatever you do to relax and treat yourself kindly. Some of the things I do include showering (in the dark usually) or soaking in the bath, having tea and chocolate, scented candles and often a face mask. I recently got an LED face mask and the light is so relaxing and calming that I think I will use that this evening. I also enjoy reading during this time. Basically take some time just relaxing for yourself and switching off.

3. Finally comes the intention setting. This is literally writing out my wishes for the following moon cycle. Not all of them will happen between now and then, some are big picture wishes but I reinforce these anyway. How many wishes should you make? There’s no set number but for me the less the better because I feel that the more you add, the less potent and powerful they become. For me, I would never set more than 5 and I try to stick around 3. I write these out on individual pieces of paper or card, using colourful pens and I write them in the present tense. After my ceremony I stick them where I can see them every day to repeat and remember them (like affirmations). You could also create dedicated affirmations during this space which are less about wishes and more about beliefs eg “I am calm and confident”.

The most important thing is that your wishes don’t affect anybody else or free will. Eg you cannot say “Tom is in love with me” if you want Tom to like you back. But you can say “I am in a happy healthy relationship and am the happiest I’ve been”. At the end of your wishes you can choose to write “for the good of all or not at all” so that the universe is collaborating with you to deliver what is for your highest good – rather than what you’re manipulating from a place of misdirected desire.

That’s it. That is your New Moon ritual. If you want to take it a step further you could do a crystal grid where you put together crystals in a certain pattern to amplify your intentions. You could also make a vision board, either on Pinterest or a hard copy. I like to make a mini vision board on particularly powerful New Moons for my personal chart, then I place a crystal grid on top of it to amplify it. You could do some chanting or you could do more gratitude practice (this supercharges your manifestation potential). I do different things each cycle depending on how long I have and how important each moon is to me.

This is a time of taking action towards your dreams and putting the wheels in motion and there’s no time like New Moon. So if you feel like it, put one thing into motion that evening or the following day. If you want to find romance, sign up to a dating site, if you want to make money, mind map some ideas, if you want to put yourself out there on social media write your first post, whatever step shows the universe that you’re serious. Because that’s the other thing with manifestation – it’s a team effort. You can’t just make a wish and walk away – your energy needs to be back with inspired action.

Enjoy – the best result come when you relax and enjoy the experience. There is power in presence.

If you want to spend some time writing letters to the universe or journaling and becoming more in tune with yourself, check out my journaling course The Scribe Sessions, it’s on offer this for just £10 with the code TAURUSMOON.

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