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Five Favourites to End the Year

June 28, 2021

It’s the end of my business year this week so I wanted to talk about 5 of my favourite projects I’ve written for this year. It’s hard to say what makes a brilliant project as each one is entirely unique but it’s pretty much a combination of passionate entrepreneurs, clear business vision, a strong voice and beautiful branding, which these 5 favourites exemplify.

Sophisticated Cakes for Modern Couples

One of my favourite cake copywriting projects of all time, Nina from Erzulie was a full service project. From naming and working on the website copy to email content and script work, bringing Erzulie to life was a dream job. Partnering with the talented Becky Lord Design, Erzulie is the epitome of luxury.

See Erzulie…

Unforgettable Floral Design for One-of-a-Kind Destination Weddings in France

Things I love: Paris, Japanese culture and beautiful flowers. Putting them all together you have a dream client right there. Working with Akiko from Floraison was a dream job. Weaving her talent with her heritage and with beauty threaded throughout every word that I wrote, this is next level floral design. The website was created by a designer I also discovered this year and have had the privilege of working with on a few occasions now, Michaela from Hnstly. Her work is sensational.

See Floraison…

Earth Kind Designs to Make a Difference

I loved Natasha the moment I met her, her passion for sustainability is second to none and her drive for a zero waste world is so inspiring. Beautiful products, beautiful brand, a pleasure to write for. I was lucky enough to write not only Natasha’s website but also her products and tagline. 

See Dadimuqin…

Timeless Design with a Distinctive Aesthetic

I have known Kelly and Darren from Friends for the best part of ten years but only just had the opportunity to write for them. I adore writing for designers because they just get it and are immersed in the process. They didn’t disappoint. Because they had coaching with me first, by the time I wrote for them I had a brilliant understanding of their brand. Their voice is unique and original, just like them. Showing their credibility, their experience and their edge. I love these guys! 

See Design by Friends…

Bridal Reimagined

Lastly, I have to mention Amare. From the moment Lyndsey approached me, her vision was so clear, I knew she was creating something special. During our time together I was able to create copy for her brochure, her website, her emails and blog posts. I partnered for this project with Sophie Jackson Studios who has rapidly become one of my favourite designers to work with. This brand is breathtakingly beautiful and as for the Amare experience, it’s next level. 

See Amare…

There are so many others I wish I could talk about but this is just my little round up at the end of the year. What a year it has been, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year. 

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