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5 Things Inside the Membership

June 13, 2022

So I’m not going to give it all away at once but here’s 5 things that you’ll find inside the membership. Let the countdown commence…

1.     A 14-day Initiation before you commit to any membership content to ease you into a different mindset before you commence

2.     A dedicated practice with a chapter released each month for the first 6 months to help you create authentic marketing

3.     You asked, I delivered – the number one thing my audience asked for was sessions with me. I’ve built the entire membership around a series of live sessions for accountability, journaling, content/marketing focus and community to make access of my expertise and to hold space for what is calling to be created within you.

4.     An old-school conversation space – I’ve created a community based around a forum. No scrolling, no curated imagery and no unnecessary noise, the brilliance is in its basic design. A dedicated space to show up with vulnerability and authenticity, it fosters real connection with no bells or bullshit. 

5.     Content with Intentionality – following the 6-month practice there will only be one content focus per quarter (across one of 4 core pillars). These will be designed so that Month 1 is learning, Month 2 we have a live session around the topic of the quarter and month 3 is for practice and application. The aim of the space is to create a slow pace so that the work can percolate and be planted so it can take root. Deeper rather than faster, less intensity, more intention. 

There is so much to tell you about the membership. It’s a simple space but with a lot of soul. I didn’t want anything fancy or fast-moving, nothing technical or with an intense timescale. 

All it had to be is true…

  1. This sounds absolutely fabulous Jess and I cannot wait to start ……. thank you

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