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The Books that Changed My Life

December 13, 2016

Everyone has a book that has affected them in some way, I have a few that have each profoundly changed my life, helped me develop as a person, as a writer or opened me up in some way. I love finding out about new books so I’ve written this as I know there will be other people like me out there, looking for new stuff to read and devour. So many books have affected my life, it would take me too long to list them but these are my game changers, my dip-into-at-least-once-a-year staples that inspire and connect with me.

Women who Run with The Wolves

This book was introduced to me a couple of years ago from my business coach, friend and mentor, Alex Wedlock who just intuitively knew I needed it. From the moment I started reading it I connected with it and it spoke directly to me. It’s all about connecting with the wild woman within and connecting with our deep wildish female instincts. Clarissa Pinkola Estes writes beautifully, drawing on myths and fairy tales, connecting to the wolf in each of us. My copy is dog-eared and well loved, underlined and with notes scribbled across it but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always told myself I would hand it to my daughter one day as essential reading. But I can’t part with it so I’ll have to buy her a copy of her own when she’s older so she can be inspired by these pages and find her claws as well.


Daring Greatly

My favourite author of them all, everything written by Brene Brown is incredible, I even have a quote of hers on my website as I love it so much. This book talks about the importance of vulnerability and also touches on her core topic, shame. It is (as ever), inspirational, encouraging, uplifting and bare-faced honest which is what makes it a book that truly resonates.


Eat, Pray, Love

Not the sort of book I normally read, I owned Eat Pray Love a long time before I read it. I love it that the book kind of knows before you do when you’re ready to read it. When I finally did read it (about to make the biggest decisions of my life at a major crossroad in my life it was absolutely the right time. Inspiring, insightful, introspective, uplifting, Elizabeth Gilbert has gone on to write other books that have inspired me just the same.  But this one holds a special place in my heart and highlights the importance of choosing your own path, perhaps not the one you wake up one day and find yourself on. I read the entire thing in Paris and it was simply magical!


The Life Changing Magic of Tidying

An unusual one for me and not the sort of thing I normally buy but I read a magazine interview with the author, Marie Kondo and it sounded a lot of fun. As someone insanely messy, untidy and chaotic it was great to pick up this book but I took it with a pinch of salt – minimal chic is not my thing! However, I have to say – this book actually did change my life. It changed how I look at my possessions, how I store what I own and how I feel about what is in my home. A lot of people have commented on my home, interior decor etc since I’ve read this book and asked where bits of furniture are from – I just point them to my bookshelf where Marie has pride of place as a daily reminder to spark joy in what I own and all that I do.



This was the first book to have a profound affect on my life. I was 16 when I bought Girlosophy and I now own every single book of author Andrea Paul’s. But much the same as with Elizabeth Gilbert, it is her debut book that has a place in my heart. I had never seen a book like it – so vivid and colourful, the words popped off the page. I could open it at any page and be inspired. Yes, it’s aimed more at a teenage market but the messages are strong and inspirational no matter what age you are. I have never been able to part with it as just seeing the spine of the book lights me up.


What books have changed your life? I would love to know, I’m always looking to add to my collection!

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