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I Want Less Clients

January 22, 2017

I want less clients.

Yes, you heard correctly. I said – I want less clients. Everywhere I turn there are webinars and coaching events on how to get more clients, more business, more money…. More more more.

No thank you. I’ve spent waaaaaay too many years chasing more, bigger, better, shinier. 2017 is the year of less.

Less? Why would you want less? Well, for a start – I would like time between projects and meetings. My schedule has always been so rigid that I leave myself minutes to get from appointment to appointment. Of course, I got unstuck the moment my daughter got ill. Hmmm…. I hadn’t accounted for that in my perfectly planned schedule. #Priorities

Then there’s the whole concept of working with better clients rather than more clients. I fell into the trap of saying yes to every job that came in a few years ago (when my overheads were the size of Brazil) and it just kind of stuck. Then one day I did an audit of my clients and found that the clients I’ve had for years wanted more from me. Month on month they wanted me to perform better, give even better value, put in more hours and basically work for them full time.

So I kept performing. Striving to give more, be better, please and impress. They wanted me on evenings, weekends, days with my family, holiday time, I was exhausted. Trying to be more. Now I’m not saying I plan to be any less moving forwards. But I intend to only work with clients who know my value.

And more importantly, finally I know my value myself. So I don’t want a 6 figure income, I’ve had all that. I want less. Less money and less clients. I’m after quality not quantity. So I have only a handful of clients who I’m super passionate about representing and a limited number of project slots per month that are only filled if I feel the client is a perfect fit.

Because more can be overwhelming sometimes and I’ve had more than enough share of more in my life. The problem with more is it gets addictive and that’s how you get a problem, trying to fill the non-existent stillness in your life. So, yes… 2017 is about less.

I don’t want to put people off working with me but I also want people to know – I’m not a fast food chain. Good content, delivered well with a personal touch – that’s what I’m about. Someone that takes time to get to know you and make sure your voice sounds authentic to you. Someone that hopes to make a tangible difference and become a partner you’ll call on for years when you need your thoughts translated into concise and pithy copy.

Because sometimes it’s better to do less but be the best.

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