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Ten Ideas for Marketing Your Business

April 3, 2020

Here are my ten quick ideas for marketing your small business for little to no budget!

Overhaul Your Emails

Now is the perfect time to look at the emails you write for your customers and give them a bit of a polish. Whether it’s putting together your first email newsletter or adding a bit of punch to your “enquiry” email, now is the time to switch out kind regards for something a bit cooler and more on brand

Up Your Gram Game

Take one step to up your game on Instagram. Whether it’s to create more content, re-write your bio, make your aesthetic more on brand or to follow people who are in your tribe, put time into your grid. My social media resolution is to create more video content – it’s out of my comfort zone but I always get great feedback so I’m challenging myself to do more stories until it becomes second nature

Connection, Community and Collaboration

We might be isolated physically but now is a time of connection as across the world we are united in our situation. Reach out, connect, communicate, start a conversation with someone you want to work with, you might be able to collaborate on something really awesome

Offer Something For Free

Offering something of value to your community will help others, make you feel good and could lead to further opportunities down the road. Don’t be afraid to give away something of real value to someone, sharing what you know is the best way to create community spirit and can unlock new opportunities

Create Your Own Content

Now is a great time to create your own course, workshop, e-book etc. The perfect way to create passive income and to show your expertise

Begin Blogging

Regular blogging is proven to increase lead generation by over 90%. Brainstorm some content ideas and commit to blogging for your business every week during isolation. Better still, offer to guest blog elsewhere – add value with what you know and simultaneously reach new audiences. My course Audacity comes with a free guide for blogging for your business

Share Some Love

Why not ask recent customers for testimonials that you can share on social media or at the bottom of your emails? Endorsements give credibility and inspire confidence for customers looking to buy from you

Do Some Research

Marketing is not all about promotion – spend this time asking existing customers for feedback and get a greater in depth knowledge of your customers and how they consume their content

Rewrite Your Website

Simple but effective, put some time aside to work on your website content – is it saying what you do, who you are and why your customers should choose you, succinctly and effectively? Don’t forget, for anyone purchasing my copywriting course Audacity to work on their content right now, I’m currently offering a free upgrade to the critique option

Take Stock and Consider Your Strategy

Perhaps my most important tip is to hold a marketing meeting with yourself and create a content audit. Look at the content and marketing you are currently committing to and what is most effective and gives a return on investment (remember, your time is also an investment!) Set your goals for 2021 and start to work out what action you need to take to meet those objectives

And there you have my ten tips, head to my Instagram account to see a further seven marketing suggestions.

This time is an opportunity to take stock, to get some space from the day-to-day doing and spend time on your strategy, making sure you are getting the most from your marketing and are on track with a business that resonates with you as well as marketing activity that provides a good return on investment.

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