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Blogging is a Catalyst For Conversion (and other stories)

September 21, 2020

I’m popping in to day with a blog post about blogging.  People often tell me that blogs don’t work for them or they don’t receive enough traffic etc so I created this post to clear up one major misconception when it comes to blogging: blog posts are not just for generation – your blog can be a catalyst for conversion.

What does this mean?  Essentially what I’m saying is that the job of your blog is not just to get people to look at it eg draw new people from Google – your blog posts have the power to actually convert your customers.

When I create my blog posts I am rarely thinking about Google – I’m not thinking “what search terms do I need to incorporate in order to get me more visitors?”  Now, any SEO experts reading this are probably shaking their head in shame and swiftly unfollowing me on social media as I speak but hear me out – yes I get visitors from Google to my blog but that’s a side bonus as far as I’m concerned.  When I create my content I’ve got conversion in mind (not generation).

I want to convert my customers when they arrive.  And that means talking about topics that will create engagement, show expertise and crucially, build trust.  My average client will follow my content for 4 months before they book (many even booking my courses before they work one to one with me).  I understand the life cycle and conversion journey of my clients (as well as how to keep them long term) and I use my blog content to support this with a range of topics and tips that genuinely help them.

When I create my content I’m always thinking about serving them, not Google.  I don’t want to have 10,000 visitors to my website each month (my goal isn’t to become an influencer), I want my content to make me £10,000 per month – that’s different.  So when I create my content it’s not about being found, it’s about starting a conversation and taking my customer through a journey that leads to my door where we end up having a coffee and an in depth chat (and working together happily ever after).

Likewise, the other misconception I hear about blogging is that the time/reward ratio doesn’t work out.  This is crazy talk.  A blog post that you spend one hour creating will still be working for you and your business five years later.  Let me say that again:

A blog post that you spend one hour creating will still be working for you and your business five years later.

That’s pretty powerful.  Some of my blog posts that are 4-5 years old get read over 100 times a month NOW.  Not only that, they translate into actual tangible business.  To me, those are pretty good results.  Work now = ongoing reward later.  But it does need to be strategic.  It’s worth putting proper time into planning your blog content and thinking about what works/what doesn’t, what results in traffic (but more importantly, what results in leads) and where you can adapt and improve your blog content for your ideal customer.

A blog is for life, not just for Google.  Show up religiously, say something useful, know your customer and understand what they want to read and how they respond.  Then deliver what they want – regularly, consistently and strategically.

Is your blog content a bit lacklustre and not getting you results?  Come and have a chat with me and I’ll take a look at it, giving some pointers for how you can improve.

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