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How Do You Create Content When You Just Can’t?

October 5, 2020

That is the question of the day.  Some of the reasons you might not be able to create content?

You’re sick

Your child is sick

You’re on holiday

Someone dies

You’re too busy actually working to focus on content creation.

I’ve experienced all of these examples and that’s why I have a system in place for when this happens – not long term but enough to cover me for at least two weeks.  I create content ahead of time.  Sounds obvious right?  Yet hardly anybody I know does it.

This means that this week I’m creating content for two weeks ahead and next week I’ll be creating the content for the last week of October.  Not only that but I’ve already mapped out my main topics from now until Christmas so I know what I’m talking about when.  So even if I need to take more time out than two weeks it’s not too much for me to have to create as I’ve done all the thinking and planning already.

But surely that makes my content all a bit perfect and predictable?  Not normally because these are real topics that I would write about anyway but just captured at a different time.  For example, something happened with a client last week that I want to write about so I have two options:

  1. Write about it and post it (I often do this)
  • Write about it and bank it (I more often do this just because I have an excess of content)

So I always have posts and post ideas that I’ve pre-banked and these make up my content for the next quarter.  This doesn’t mean I don’t create “live” content – I have about a 50/50 mix of live and pre-created content but it means that I always have a stream of considered content going out that is created around my primary goals and messages.  And also, it means if something happens that puts me out of action, my content is still working for me – it’s only me that’s out of order for a while.  The live side means I’m still capturing anything topical, trend led or that particularly interests me in the moment but the planned content has been written according to what I need my content to deliver on – so it’s always working for me around the clock.

Also, it’s not just my social media I do this for.  It’s blog content, YouTube content, IGTV videos and also my email newsletter.  All content is planned out according to topics, themes and launches with tips and interesting tidbits added for good measure

And you would think it’s a proper ballache planning it all but I actually only dedicate one week to the planning every three months and then 1-2 hours every Monday and Tuesday for setting it up, image sourcing and creating the content.  And it’s well worth it – my last week of content has received £3,400 worth of job enquiries (that I know of – there may be more) which is a pretty good return on investment.

Want to plan your content creatively, strategically and so you can relax knowing you’re working to a plan that will deliver on your specific goals?  Find out more about my course Contented and sign up for the wait list – the next round is in December.

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