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Ten Reasons You Should Be Doing Class Copy

May 31, 2020

So it’s a little late to be writing this post really (as Class Copy closes today -ha!) but there’s still time to get in before midnight and doors will be open again in around six weeks so I thought I would put together a little post about what makes Class Copy such great value.

  1. It’s not addressing the obvious – If you’ve had your website professionally written, Class Copy is still going to help you because it isn’t about Home pages and About pages, it is aimed at what I call “crack copy” – the copy that often gets missed!

2. It’s not all about copywriting. As well as being a copywriter I’m a coach and marketer – Class Copy brings it all together so we’re touching on the areas which impact your brand the most

3. It doesn’t have to be done in 30 days – yes it’s a 30 day challenge but you can take as long as you like to do it, you’re not in a Facebook group or anything like that so it’s just you and I, go at your pace

4. In saying that, I’ve kept it simple and bitesized. Where I think so many courses go wrong is that there’s an overwhelming amount of content. This is literally a 1-2 minute video a day plus a small exercise that has been designed to have maximum impact

5. Class Copy is suitable for beginners and new businesses but also established businesses. I’ve got people signing up who have worked with me for years (and I’ve written their every page) and those who have never worked with me. The point of it is that this class will help you no matter which level you’re at. And if I’ve written your website this will definitely help you because these are the areas people always miss (your brand doesn’t end at your About page)

6. Despite all of the great tips, the exercises etc – the biggest value is access to ME. Every Friday I’m available for accountability and questions and to look over your work and give feedback. Working one to one with me can be quite costly and so to have six weeks of the eye of the writer is worth the £30 alone let alone all of the content you’ll receive

7. Make a difference without the overwhelm. Because each class is released on a day by day basis you won’t be overwhelmed or worrying about all the stuff you’ll need to do. You just focus on a day at a time (each day will take around 15 minutes to an hour of your time) and you get weekends off.

8. It’s private and personal. I’ve purposefully not created the class in a group format. This means that you can share your homework with me candidly and honestly without worrying about anybody else in the mix. It keeps it personal between us and means I can tailor my advice to your brand

9. It’s simple and stripped back. It tells you what you need to know, what you need to do (and then I personally make sure you do it). Not endless modules or mountains of paperwork. It’s streamlined yet informative, relaxed and informal, in just enough depth to get the job done – it’s been designed for busy people!

10. Lastly, these are lessons for life. They will stay with you for this business and the next business, it’s about changing the way you think and considering certain content that you might not have thought of. If you’ve seen my Instagram videos and you like them and find them useful you will love Class Copy – it’s designed in the same way (talking to camera, no frills approach) – it’s down to earth but full of tips to make a genuine difference to your brand voice and your customer journey.

I would love to see you inside, sign up before doors close at midnight!