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authenticity rather than impressing

Authenticity over Impressivity: Why Fancy Words Don’t Engage Anybody

July 20, 2020

Firstly let me begin by making it clear – impressivity isn’t a word.  It’s a feralism, something I’ve created to make a point (plus it sounds really cool next to authenticity).

But the faux word impressivity does get across what I’m trying to say.  Sometimes small brands use big words to appear a bit fancier and sophisticated.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with using beautiful words to connect emotionally and set the scene with the audience.  But it’s when people try to sound smart that this sometimes falls apart.

When I say “falls apart” what I mean is that it does the opposite – instead of creating connection it establishes boundaries and puts obstacles in place, separating themselves from their reader.  If you would say ‘think’ then don’t use ‘deliberate’, if you would use ‘getaway’ don’t use ‘vamoose’.

Basically don’t bloviate in the name of brilliance, know what I’m saying?  When you hire a copywriter we are striking that balance of using emotive words that display your brand in the best light whilst also keeping it conversational, colloquial and always prioritising connection.

The argument is that positioning yourself as overly authoritative can risk authenticity.  It’s so important to show your truth and tell your tale from a place of reality (and yes, this can be infused with romance) but it’s not about reciting the dictionary.

Aim to connect, not to impress and your wording will get real results.  Copy should be easy to understand, impactful and engaging, not something that could have been written by Chaucer that is executed with expertise but void of emotion.

In short, less of a soliloquy, more of a conversation.  Clear communication designed to connect, this is the route to conversion. 

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