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How to Eat an Elephant: Content Marketing Made Easy

July 15, 2020

You know the old saying, you need to eat an elephant bit by bit, well this is true with your content marketing.  Little and often is how you achieve big goals with small steps – looking at it all in one go can be overwhelming and will put you off before you begin.

Ask yourself, how can I break down a big task into 30 manageable steps so that I can do a little bit each day.  A little bit every day is nothing when you look at it – 30 minutes to an hour of your time for one month, yet that could make all of the difference to your brand and what you offer.

This could apply to your content, your marketing, writing regular blog posts, putting together a plan for your business or creating a new product or service.  For instance, I am currently working on a 30-day journaling course that will be delivered by email (launching in August).  Each day I am writing just one email for this course, allowing myself 30-60 minutes of time on it a day.  It’s not hard to find that time whereas if I look at creating 30 emails in one go it feels overwhelming and impossible to work it around my other projects.

Simultaneously I’m also working on another content course launching in September.  I’m spending around 30 minutes a day working on that.  Every day I just record one video for it or write something for it.  When I look at what I’ve done, it’s so small it’s almost insignificant.  Yet at the end of the week I’ve racked up 4 or 5 videos for that course and I’m one step closer to launching it.  What I’ve done is work backwards.  I worked out my launch date, mapped out my course and then divided everything I needed to do for it into manageable bite-size chunks divided by the time I have available.  It means that every day I’m doing something small that standalone offers very little but when added to the bigger picture becomes something valuable for my audience that I am able to sell as a future offering.

I can’t just ditch my client projects to focus on these things but by allocating 30-60 minutes a day for one, the other or both of these projects, I’m able to make ground and keep momentum, watching them grow slowly by the day and week, turning into something substantial and valuable without impacting or disrupting my work schedule too much.  Yes it means I have slightly less time for client work but it’s a longer term investment in my business and I’m a firm believer of ring-fencing some time to work on your business as well as in your business.

What could you break down into small pieces that would have an impact on your business?  I’ve created Class Copy to help exactly this.  It’s 30 days of 30 small exercises that take between 30-60 minutes a day but add up to offer real impact for your brand.  So if you wanted to work on your business, improving your content marketing and your customer journey but don’t know where to start, why not sign up for this?  It’s only £30 and will help your brand to sound better from all angles (including the ones you probably hadn’t previously considered). 

Class Copy commences on Monday 20th July so be sure to sign up before then, find all of the details here.

  1. Moneeza says:

    Thanks for this Jess, just what I needed to read to spur me on to begin working towards teaching online.

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