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Say It Again: Why You Need to Say it Six Times to Sell It

July 22, 2020

Something that is often a learning curve for coaching clients – you have to say it again.  Saying something once is often not enough.  Whether you’re selling a product, showing a key message or defining your difference, the chances are your audience will miss it the first time.

Not all of them, but most of them.  And those that didn’t miss it probably won’t remember it.  You need to repeat a message to get it recognised and realised.  But there’s often a fear that if you repeat a message it’s a bit spammy or salesy.  Obviously if every post you talk about is about the same thing then this may be the case but generally you’re more aware of your content than your audience so something repeated once every two weeks to you will seem more prominent (as you look at your content constantly) than it does to them (who see an ocean of content every hour from a multitude of brands and platforms).

That’s the other thing, you can mix and match where you have these messages – on your Instagram grid, on your Facebook page, on your YouTube account, in your newsletter, on your blog, on your podcast, in your tagline, in your bio, on your social stories – essentially, even if you featured the same message once a week across one of these platforms, it would only end up in the same place around once every six to eight weeks and even then in some cases (stories) it wouldn’t stay there and would likely be reaching different audiences (and if someone is following you avidly on all of these platforms then it’s safe to say they are probably a fan).

What I’m saying here is don’t be afraid to repeat a key point.  Two of my key messages are that I believe in authenticity (and authentic content) and I specialise in courageous content (content that tells tales of truth and texture).  You probably already knew this about me but are unlikely to think “why is she banging on about this again) but I talk about it a lot, way more than six times because it’s my difference – in a world of fluff and candy floss copy, I offer stories with substance.  So I make sure I’m communicating this in several places at any one time.

If you’re saying something and nobody is really connecting with it, the chances are you haven’t been heard.  So don’t be afraid to say it again, it takes at least six times of saying something to be seen properly (research states it’s actually ten times) but for me, six is the starting point.  Don’t overthink it, don’t be afraid, just say it again… somewhere else, some other time but getting it across.  Whatever you’re saying or whatever you’re selling, my tip for success is almost always, to say it once more (with feeling).

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