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10 Things to Think About When Writing Your Instagram Bio

October 26, 2020

Your bio plays a big part in whether or not you receive a follow.  Potential clients sum you up in a matter of seconds from a combination of your Instagram grid aesthetic and what you have to say for yourself.

Your bio can be notoriously difficult to write as there’s such little space but the pressure is on to make a big impact.  Here’s 10 things to consider when crafting this petite yet powerful piece of copy:

Convey Your Essence

Show Who You Are

Make sure your bio has personality and shows your brand from that very first sentence.

Define Your Difference

Why Should I be Interested?

What makes you different in your industry?  Why should I follow you?  What are your values or key messages?  Say one thing here that will make me interested.

Make It Clear What You Do

What Are You Offering?

What do you actually do?  Is this clearly communicated so people know what to expect from you?

Keep It Concise

Less is More

The whole nature of an Instagram bio is that it has to be short.  However, don’t feel you have to use your character allowance.  You just need to convey your message, with impact and simplicity – don’t keep writing to use up the allowance.

Make It Memorable

Set Yourself Apart

Why should I (your audience) care?  Make yourself memorable so that I follow you or find out more about you – either way, I remember you.

Keep It Consistent

Stay On Tone With Your Brand

Remember your bio needs to sound like the rest of your brand.  Lots of copywriting clients have beautifully written websites and then their Instagram bio sounds completely different – keep that tone consistent so your brand sounds the same.

Make It Clear What’s On Offer

What Will I Get If I Follow You?

If you’re giving them value make that clear, if you’re sharing love stories (eg a wedding photographer) let them know.  What will your follower get if they subscribe to your content?

Have a Strong Handle

People Should Remember Your Name

Ideally you want a social media handle that matches your brand name.  However, if this isn’t possible try to get something that says something about you eg not Michellejones1981.

Make It Easy To Get in Touch

Give Me a Reason To Reach Out

Make it easy to contact you, have a link to your email and if you’re happy for clients to DM you, perhaps put that in your bio as well.

Have a Strategic Call to Action

What Are You on Instagram For?

Do you want to grow your account or focus on conversion?  Be clear about the goals you want your content to achieve for you then set up your call to action to reflect this. For example, if you want more followers give your audience an incentive to follow or if you’re growing your newsletter list, link to a lead magnet. 

Above all, have fun creating your Instagram bio and play with some different ideas.  The best bit is that you can change it whenever you like – I often change mine depending on what I’m offering or working on.  If you would like some accountability when it comes to creating your Instagram bio and you’re interested in creating strategic content for the first quarter of 2021, my course Contented launches in 6 weeks, find out more and sign up for the wait list here.

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