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Ten Tips for Creating Advertising Copy

August 24, 2020

One of the best ways to get new enquiries is through social media advertising.  It’s extremely targeted and gives a great return on investment so the copy for these adverts is so important as it makes all the different between your customer signing up or scrolling past.

I’ve put together my top ten tips to consider when you’re creating your social media advert copy.

  • Keep it Concise

Less is more, especially when you’re writing an advert, say it succinctly, every word counts.

  • Create Engagement

Don’t just talk at your audience, connect with them and create engagement.  Consider it less of a script and more of a conversation.

  • Elicit Emotion

Make your customer instantly connect with what you’re saying – authentically and emotionally.  The aim is to make them FEEL something.

  • Tell Me the Benefits

Don’t tell me about the product, tell me the benefits.  It’s not about the lipstick you’re selling, it’s how I’m going to feel when I’m wearing it.

  • Give a Clear Call to Action

What do you want me to do once I’ve seen your advert?  Make it clear, guide me to the next step.  Don’t be afraid to ask for commitment.

  • Aim for the Short Term Objective

Remember your goal is not to win the customer and become BFFS, your goal is most likely to get them to click to the sales page or sign up to the next stage – keep it simple, just show them that next step.

  • But Don’t Forget the Long Term Relationship

But keep the relationship in mind.  Some people might be a perfect fit customer but not quite ready to buy yet.  Consider how you can court that customer and keep them interested.  You should always be focusing on that long-term commitment rather than a quick buck.

  • Show a Solution

Understand the problem and how you offer a solution to this.  What is your customer struggling with and how are you addressing and remedying this?

  • Give Great Headine

Start strong – get their attention from that very first sentence.  Your headline needs to turn heads straight off the bat.

  •  Keep It Authentic

Lastly, keep it real.  In a world of sound-the-sames and clichéd sales spiels, show me something that defines your difference and makes you distinctive.  Don’t be afraid to do you – that’s where most people are going wrong.

Those are my top ten tips for creating content for such a small space yet creating a big impact.  If you like short actionable tips like these ones, be sure to check out my petite yet powerful copywriting course Class Copy, starting on 7th September for daily videos and exercises from me for an entire month.

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