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Do I Need Copywriting, Coaching or a Course?

October 11, 2021

One of the main questions I get asked from creative entrepreneurs is where they should invest their budget. Should they opt for copywriting, invest in coaching or choose a DIY course?

Every entrepreneur is entirely different and is at a different stage in their business but I’ve put together a general guide to help you work out which one might be best for you:

If you want… to position yourself correctly and cut through the noise

Get professional copywriting. Even if it’s just a page – this investment will help you to position your voice and set the tone. Imagine when you knock a tuning fork to tune your piano, that’s what a professional page of copy will do to your brand, aligning your voice with your values and setting the scene and the structure for future writing.

If you want… to create a consistent brand voice

If you want to roll out your voice, learning how to apply it across blog posts, email marketing, website copy and more, check out Audacity. This DIY copywriting course covers every option to help you hone your voice from all angles.

If you want… to completely reassess everything and overhaul your life and business

You need The Soul Sessions – in-depth, one to one work with me for 12 weeks, completely tailored to what you need and where you’re at. It’s tough but it’s powerful and deeply rewarding – currently with a waiting list of over a year

If you want… to get some accountability monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and work towards clear goals

Check out The Coffee Edit Sessions. These one-hour sessions are relaxed and informal (a virtual coffee together) where we can cover any aspect of your business. Most people who book these use them as a monthly or quarterly business check-in, setting goals and remaining accountable for them.

If you want… to uplevel your social media game, create a social strategy and create authentic connection with your customers

You need to be on Contented. My signature content marketing and planning course, Contented is like no other. It next runs again in December but you can find out about it and join the waitlist here.

If you want… to dip your toe into copywriting and content marketing but you don’t have much time to commit

Definitely check out Class Copy. A 30-day programme designed to offer easy-to-implement yet impactful exercises, this will improve your brand in just 30 days, little by little.

If you want…. to convert more customers without investing much money

Check out Converted, my dedicated ebook designed to help you convert your customers with 20 tips and exercises to try.

If you still aren’t sure what you need, be sure to reach out. You can drop me an email or connect with me on Instagram and I can find out what will be most beneficial for your business.

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